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  • Product Development Process
    Analysis of Material Behavior
    Simple Tension Pure Shear Equi Biaxial Bulk Modulus
    Finds out exact analytical factors through consistent tests on basic properties of rubber materials
    Material Property Data Conversion
    Converts physical properties of materials into relevant property data for computer simulations
    Static Structure Analysis
    Finds out reaction force and drag torque on each lip
    Analysis of Magnetic Characteristics (B-H Curve)
    Analyzes basic characteristics of magnetic materials such as Br, iHc, BH(max) by using B-H Curve Tracer
    Magnetostatic Analysis
    Analyzes magnetic characteristics of a product through computer simulation
    Computer Modeling of One Pole Pair & Analysis of Magnetic Wave Distribution
    Analyzes Characteristics of Magnetic Output According to Sensor Variables Such as Airgap and Reading Diameter.
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